& CARE SINCE 1993


Our almost 5,000 square foot shop is equipped to rebuild and restore organs of all builders and vintages. Most of the work is done in-house: woodwork, leather work, and metal work as well as tonal work. Below are some samples of rebuilding and restoring work.


Over the last 20 years we have serviced pipe organs, mostly tracker organs in the New England area from both current and past builders. One of our guiding principals in this work is to respect and preserve the spirit and concept of the original instrument. Too many instruments have been altered and “improved” to the point where they are neither fish nor meat. Fashion trends are often the demise of a good pipe organ. Therefore we are generally inclined to maintain or restore the instruments in order to preserve their integrity. With instruments where the builder(s) are still in business, we maintain a positive ongoing dialog and request original parts if needed for a repair. With older builders repairs are made with original materials whenever possible.


The introduction of modern technology such as combination actions can be useful. Here the blending of old and new needs to be carried out in a synergistic way where the craftsmanship of the old is not compromised but rather enhanced by the marriage with new components.


Our standards of workmanship and our experience in several countries dating back to 1982 have earned us the respect of institutions such as Harvard University, Boston College, Wellesley College, the Old North Church, and others.


Stefan Maier Tracker Organs

Orange, Massachusetts